Brazil-Israel-Zionism-Zionism Penetration into Brazil-south AmericanThe first signs of Zionism in Brazil appeared in the early twentieth century, in the north and northeast of the country. Some Zionist Jews, among them, maintained correspondence with Zionists in Europe. There is evidence that Mauricio Klabin, pioneer of the paper industry in this country organized Jewish groups in S?o Paulo to encourage the jewish colonization of Palestine and he is considered the founder of this movement in Brazil, but the first Zionist organization was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1913, by Jacob Schneider and others. (1).

From the years 1920-30 and World War I tens of thousands of Jews arrived in Brazil, occupied the major cities, created Jewish nuclei and kept intense political, cultural and of the press activities, while restricting their interaction with the local population because of “Purity of Blood Doctrine.” According to this doctrine, it is impossible for Jews to assimilate themselves to a people whose blood is different from theirs. (2).

In 1922 happened the 1st Zionist Congress in Brazil, when it was founded the Zionist Federation of Brazil.

The ‘New State’ in Brazil (1937-1945) and World War II period is marked by an “anti antisemitism” trumpeted within the society and that, although it may have been present in certain spheres of government, has more to do with the memory of victimization, a historically known and very convenient feature for Zionist Jewish communities. In fact, this was a period of intense and public institutional, political, economic, social activities and was the moment of the “boom” of Zionist organizations (3)

In 1944 the Brazilian Hebrew Centre, with a Zionist line, was very active.

In 1947, Oswaldo Aranha, as head of the Brazilian delegation at the recently created UN , chaired the Second General Assembly that voted the UN plan for the partition of Palestine which culminated in the Israeli state creation and unfolded in tragic consequences for the Palestinian people as we are currently witnessing.

In 1948 it was founded the Jewish Confederation in Brazil (CONIB) and in 1949, Brazil recognized the state of Israel, opening an embassy in Tel aviv (ironically Brazil was called ‘diplomatic dwarf’ by the Israeli Foreign Ministry, recently).

They are of public knowledge the involvement of the Zionist movement in the 1964 military coup in Brazil as well as its support for the election of candidates as Collor de Mello, who soon was impeached and Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who roses to exorbitant levels the country’s external debt, decapitalized the Brazilian state and ruined the national economy.

The association of the Zionist movement with the Brazilian media is publicly known, especially the case of Globo Network and became irrefutable after the Wikileaks leaks in 2011. (4)

They are also known the pressure game that involved the agreement of free trade Mercosur and the Brazilian Army agreements with Israel to expand trade in goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements and the weapons sent to Israel, used in the massacre of Palestinian people.

Recently another blow given in Brazilian sovereignty marks the Zionist influence in Brazil: the coup Michel Temer who took power from the elected President Dilma Roussef is a known friend of the Brazilian Jewish community who calls him a “righteous gentile”, a name commonly give to their puppets. It is known that he has working closely with Fernando Lottenberg president of the Jewish Confederation of Brazil, to sensitize the people about the holocaust (one of the most famous Zionist lies), as well as to promote a Brazilian anti-legislation regarding “terrorism”. (5)


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