Some Iranian analyzers as Seyed Hossein Mousavian, former Iranian nuclear negotiator and visiting research scholar at Princeton University, believe whoever Trump or Clinton be the US president, any of them will implement the JCPOA.

“Concerning Trump and Clinton, there are 3 common points and also 3 view differences on Iran:
First of all, both of them will apply the strict policies regarding implementation of JCPOA. Secondly with respect to other disagreements between Iran and US including region crisis, terrorism and Human Rights, whoever the US president, he will increase pressure on Iran. And thirdly both of them will try to fill the vacuums of US relationships with Israel, Saudi Arabia and other regional allies which have been born during Obama administration.
But regarding the 3 main differences: Trump is not predictable but Clinton is, that is probable that Trump conceding Iran, will get into excess and negligence, but Clinton will have a calculated strategy. Secondly it will be easier for Clinton to make possible an International consensus against Iran, while this will be much more difficult for Trump. And thirdly having an internal consensus against Iran within the US will also be easier for Clinton than Trump”
Said Seyed Hossein Mousavian in an interview with NasimOnline.

We have to mention Mousavian is known within Iran as one of those so-called reformists who were deeply optimistic regarding JCPOA and now they changed their mind.

The main point of Trump phenomena is the fact that he revitalizes the American Dream the nostalgia of America under President Jackson and Ronald Reagan.

The very interesting point is a lot of Americans will vote for Trump, because he is absolutely not a politician. Trump let the public to deeply feel a very nostalgic feeling by reminding the slogans of President Jackson and Ronald Reagan.

By the way in appearance the simplicity of his name which is like a warning alarm and also his haircut adding to his verbal aggressiveness during his lectures made Trump a representative of an uninhibited America and as a populist and billionaire we can’t deny he is once again a perfect incarnation of American Dream!

trump-phenomena-socialogyTrump is saying we have to put an end with those PROFESSIONAL ON POLITICS

“I don’t use anybody’s money, I’m using my own money; I’m not using the lobbyists, I’m not using donors, I don’t care, I’m really RICHE”
“I will be the greatest Job’s president that God ever created, I tell you that”
“I think the big problem of his country (US) is being politically correct”
Trump vs Reagan

We can’t forget “Make America Great Again” was a slogan of 1981 Reagan presidential campaign. So the populism is a common characteristic between Reagan and Trump. As well as Reagan, Trump has been very well formed in communications as a negotiator and businessman. But the difference is Reagan was a real believer on conservatism and was mastering and respecting the conservative principals. Before being a president Reagan has been elected as governor of California for 8 years but what about Trump who never served in politics?

Trump is not a rightist populist in the strict sense. Even on socio- economical topics we can’t consider Trump as a rightist conservative who believes on social liberalism as it took place in late 70s.

What is amazing with Trump is an optimistic projection into the future and a nostalgic view to America in 50s. His hairdressing too is the same of the rockers in 50s.

But when Trump contrary to Reagan, would like to rise the tax for the rich people or to relocate the production (as for example he demanded that Appel manufactures its phones within the US), he is much more leftist than the Democrats

Trump vs Jackson

We all know president Jackson himself was known inside of US as an autonomous leader who rarely obeyed the establishment’s will particularly by vetoing some important acts of congress including the acts related to Bank and especially Jackson’s veto of the Second National Bank renewal charter in 1832.

Therefore as Jackson, Trump believes or pretends that he thinks national economy should control the Bank and not vice versa.

At remarkable event of his life, in 1806, Jackson killed a man in a duel over a matter of honor regarding his wife Rachel. Trump also insist on familial honor and as we see in each one of his speeches there is one of this sons, daughters or his wife who appear in order to show how important the family notion.

Jackson became a national hero for his actions during 1812 war 12 with UK, while nowadays Trump permanently speaks out on Nationalism and became a patriotic figure of his fans. As Jackson, Trump also would like to change the laws in order to give more executive power to President.

A main difference between Jackson and Trump is that Jackson somehow led a fight against the corruption within establishment but it seems after working years with US banks and governmental financial concept, Trump Organization itself has been corrupted.

US under President Jackson in 1835 for the first time had no foreign debt and as we listen to Trump we detect that decreasing the foreign debt is among his promises.

Indeed by trying to look like President Jackson (1823 – 1825), Trump claims that he wants to disarm the establishment and take the power back from the elites who betrayed the people by let them running the government. And that is exactly what lot of Americans believes: the political representatives do no more represent them!

Donald is somehow a pure result of the American Jacksonian Democracy. The fact that he finance his own electoral campaign is another fact which is new to US political classes.

When he behaves as a normal and sometimes an ignorant American citizen, makes him close and closer to public. An average American appreciates when he tweets:

“The plane I saw on television was the hostage plane in Geneva, Switzerland, not the plane carrying $400 million in cash going to Iran!”
Or when he takes Paris as capital of Germany deliberately or not they people appreciate it.

Once he tweets:

“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.”
Even if his fans know that is not true but they appreciate it only because that is against the OFFICIAL VERSION.

By behaving so he want to show how authentic he is and that is what Americans are looking for. Actually they prefer an original citizen to a fake politician. The people are happy that this kind of speeches are given by Trump, the words that no other political figure don’t dare to say.

He is not politically correct and does not try to be! He is a human-being, he makes mistakes and he does not claim to be a professional politician or diplomate which is not the case. For many Americans who got tired of political figures having nice appearance and dirty action, Trump is the person they look to vote for!

Doland Himself knows well that he sympathizes with people when he is politically wrong! And sometimes he don’t only try to act as an American but he intentionally makes mistake or says something in order to attract the attentions or provoke.

Actually some analysts believe that his vulgarity is calculated and is a part of his electoral strategy and when he want to monitor himself he is totally correct. But he has many tasks to accomplish in order to be a president as until now he made lot of progress.

But for those commentators the problem is not Donald Trump but the system which gives such a power to an individual while we all know what George Bush Jr. did in Iraq in the name of fighting the WMD. How a person like him with help of a group of individuals around him, could do that?

But we have to consider than populism in Europe is not the same that what is happening and happened for years in US regarding populism. Within Europe the populism is out of political atmosphere but in US it’s an internal issue for both Republicans and Democrats.

If Clinton be the president, for the first time since WWII we have 3 successive democrat administrations. The Republican during these years had different crisis including ideological crisis and the problem of leadership! And that was a historic occasion for an opportunist like trump to impose himself on Republicans.

So Trump actually does not represents the true US rightist conservatism (Christian conservative) as for example he has never said he is against the same-sex marriage or abortion. He does not even take positions on the mentioned issues. He has mentally been educated in newyorker business progressive environments. Being said that there could be some real change within the Republican Party which has nothing to do with the US Republican in 70s and 80s and is much more in contradiction with paleoconservatism.

A year ago the Republican leaders were thinking they have enough figures to introduce in elections. But that was an imagination.

Obama had the majority of congress only for two years during which he succeeded only on Obamacare but comparing with other American presidents and when in one hand Obama has been well elected and even better reelected and in other he was popular in eyes of public opinion as well as in media’s opinion, Obamacare is not a big success for such a president.

Other point is many of what Trump claim sto do once he is elected will be prevented by establishment to be done. The promises including: putting a wall, closing border, preventing Muslims from entering to US, forcing Mexico to pay etc. will actually not be realized based on how the establishment functions.

And by the war Trump has never explained with details how he will realize these goals as himself he may know the system’s mechanism will not allow him to accomplish these missions!

In France also as in US the establishment (Mainstream Media and Political system), from the beginning, refuses the debate with this kind of political phenomena and try to push them out of field. That is the same machinery when the system contemptuously call this type of figure fascist. But in reality the reaction of all those anti-Trump is counter-productive as they can’t argue otherwise.

But as all populists, Trump also plays on fear of American people. For recent years we can’t reject that there is a manufactured fear of Islam and Muslims within the US and across the Europe. Adding to that the matter of non-Muslim immigration (mostly Mexicans) is another matter which scares Americans and Trump does not stop to talk about it.According to polls his popularity has increased 10% once he said we will fire up the Muslims.

And my word to those who speak out about Political Moral within US: we are talking about American Establishment, Of course there is no possible comparison for example between Iran’s Supreme Leader and those bullshits! Even inside Iran we really don’t have any other political figure at this level of intellectual honesty and morality.

Anyhow in comparison with other puppets such as Obama, Bush, Clinton, Reagan, etc. I personally like this guy and feel he will be the most honest president that AMERICA never had. He actually shows to the worldwide what the so-called previous US leader were covering! So together let “Make American Great Again”

To be more comic I like Trump just to change a little bit the US atmosphere, image 4 years of laughs :)))) it will be wonderfully amazing lol.

Trump actually represents a slice of US which is more and more minority and acknowledges that. If you remind in 90s we have some anti-Clinton reactions too and now Trump is the deputy of anti-Obama reactions; a side of America who knows that it’s dying, an America which is nostalgic toward 50s, an America which is Christian, an America which is white, an America less educated and less graduated, an America of workers under economic crisis